International MUN Conference

During 25th of and 31st January Beaconsfield High School sent a team of Year 11, 12 and 13 students to an international Model United Nations in The Hague, Netherlands. We had an incredibly successful trip – in a field of over 3000 participating students, our girls made opening speeches, had their resolutions debated, drafted amendments to others which were then passed, and argued passionately against others, which then failed. It was a particularly pleasing result, in that it was our first time attending this conference, and the majority of the girls on the team had never attended an MUN conference before. However, they all worked very hard to prepare and once there, threw themselves into the process with impressive commitment, and were recognised by their peers as making skilful and useful contributions to the process. Attending this trip were the following students – Charlotte Spruzen,  Rebecca Jurdon, Nikita Julius, Melanie Lavollee (Year 11); Sanjana Sanghavi, Eleanor Kirby, Zaynah Brown (Year 12) and Sophie Alexander (Year 13) who is our Public Speaking Prefect.

 Ms Barone 

BHS International MUN Team

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