Office 365

All students have access to Office 365 through our school licence. Office 365 is a web version of Microsoft Office that includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote and One Drive (cloud storage). All students have access to

  • An email address 
  • 1TB of cloud storage space (your OneDrive).
  • 5 free installations of Office 2013 that can be installed on your own devices - home computers, laptops, tablets or phones.
  • The ability to collaborate online on all types of Office documents.

Access to Bucks GFL Email will be removed over the October Half Term holiday. Please forward any emails you wish to keep to another email address such as your address. If you have multiple emails that you wish to forward please click here for a quick method to forward multiple emails at once.           

Logging in to Office 365 

Go to

and log in using your school email address which is of the format where username is your school network username eg smitp001 and password is your school network password (ie the username and password you use in school to log on to a school computer) . If you have already used your device to log into your Bucks GFL email you may find you will need to click on ‘use another account'    

Office 365

Once logged in you should see this screen and you can choose to install an office application on your  PC/MAC or other device to a maximum of 5 devices by clicking on the blue ‘install Office’  button on the top right.  

NB You do not have to install Office on your own device, you can use Office 365 purely on line if you wish, or you may already have Office installed. If you do decide to install it take off the ticks for Bing and MSN (home page) if you don’t want these to become your defaults.

Move around Office 365 by using the blue app launcher    


Selecting OneDrive will launch your school personal OneDrive document storage area with 1TB of storage (which is huge!). This is your own personal documents area which no-one else can access unless you actively choose to share  a document with someone else.   Click on ‘new’ to create a document or ‘upload’ to upload a document or folder from your device.  Or drag and drop documents from your device to your OneDrive. Once documents are on your OneDrive you will be able to access them from anywhere you have internet access by logging into Office 365 through any browser, whether or not Office is installed on that device.

Editing documents When you open a document, if you start typing and nothing happens you are probably in reading view and you will need to click on edit document and then choose from the drop down to edit it online or in the full version of office on your device. You can choose either option - editing online will automatically save your document to your OneDrive as you type and you will be able to access it from anywhere you have internet access. If you choose to open it in the full office version on your computer you will have to choose how and where to save it.   



Last modified: Tuesday, 4 October 2016, 3:19 PM